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Adventurous Study Tour in Baramati for Schools, Colleges and Families.

September 16, 2012

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The Principal



Dear Principal sir,

Yourschool has been endeavoring in delivering quality education to students. Incurrent syllabi of high school a lot of importance has been given toagriculture, environment, agri businesses such as silk worm rearing, cowrearing, sheep & goat management, beekeeping, Natural resource management,Biodiversity, Non conventional energy resources etc. Urban schools in-spite ofhaving a desire to give practical education in these areas, they lack resourcesto do so.

Keepingthis in mind, we have developed a project over 135 acres in Baramati (about 100Kms. from Pune) that can demonstrate agriculture & environment related activitiesas well as agri business related activities. We use this farm for educational tourism for past many years& more than 22,000 students have visited this farm. Being so close to Pune,a day trip can easily be arranged for Schools, Corporate Sectors and for the families.

We offerexposure to students as well as people from urban ares in following essential areas at a very reasonable fee.

1) Dripirrigation to save precious water

2) Rearingof silk worms to produce silk

3) Valueaddition in fruits by processing

4) Awareness( by touching / seeing ) about different Snakes & their importance in lifecycle

5) Crossbredcow management

6) Sheep& goat farming

7) Beekeeping

8) F.M.Radio for Agriculture

9) MakingJaggery from sugarcane

10) Makingwine from grapes

11) Visitto sugarcane factory

12) Vermicomposting

13) Aride in traditional bullock cart

14) Aride in tractor

15) Visit to Industries - Textile, Wine, Sugar Factory, Jaggery Factory, Milk Processing.

16) Visit to Historical and Ancient Temples nearby.

You may choose from above what you wouldlike the students to get exposed to. Please bring your

students from 5th – 10thstandards or PG Colleges , let them see in practice & in reality these life science aspects

rather than seeing them on only internet orin pictures in books. Let’s make them aware of the importance

of nature’s preservation and let’s also makeeducation more enjoyable.

Kindly spare some of your valuable time, we will sharemore information with you.

I would be glad towelcome you & your students to Baramati.

For More Details Contact us:

Cell: 9423570487 / 02112 254313.

e-mail: anand.vasundhara@gmail.com

Yours sincerely

(Mr. Anand Darveshi)

Incharge, Agri and Eco Tourism, Baramati.

AgricultureDevelopment Trust, Baramati.

Search by Tags:  Charity

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